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Kississing Lake Lodge

The romance of the Canadian north has lured adventurers for centuries. The very best of this northern wilderness lies at the heart of Canada, easily accessible from the bustling prairie city of Winnipeg and still luring those in search of one of the world’s foremost fishing adventures.


“… We plan to be back again next year, hopefully with a few more people! Thanks again to everyone who made our trip so enjoyable. I think next year will be my 11th trip to the lodge. We can't wait!”— Don McRae & Sharon Maciej

Picture it. Giant trophy fish, there for the joyful taking in unspoiled waters. Hundreds of sparkling lakes dotting the landscape like mirrors, as crystal clear as when time began, some so clear you can watch a trout ten feet down leap to take your bait. Air so fresh you want to gulp it in. Add to this the stunning natural beauty of your surroundings, the many sightings of magnificent animals, plus awe-inspiring technicolor sunsets, and you have the makings of memories to warm you for years to come.

If visions of unsurpassed northern Canadian fishing adventures have drawn you to this website, realize them here at Kississing Lake Lodge. Kississing Lake Lodge is a legendary host…bringing all the comforts of home to the adventure of a lifetime. Founded 50+ years ago, and owned by a couple who share your passion for the wilderness, Kississing Lake Lodge is a 5-star resort with all the comforts of home, unexpectedly come upon smack dab in the middle of the bush.

Over the years, it has become our flagship foundation and a favorite destination for people around the globe in search of a world-class northern Canadian fishing adventure. Top of the line fish management and slot management techniques assure an abundance of trophy-size walleye, northern pike, and lake trout year after year.

With a girth of more than 26 miles, our territory is peppered with islands and reefs that make up more than 2,000 miles of shoreline.

There’s never a problem finding new waters to fish. Our legendary local guides have been fishing these waters for decades and have a knack for finding the hot spots, from massive weed beds teeming with pike to that special trout hole 80 feet under the surface.

For maximum adventure, we also offer fly-outs to several tried-and-true remote lakes. Rest assured that when you’ve fished your fill each day, you’ll be coming home to a place where you’re welcomed as old friends, a place led by passion to strive for unconditional excellence and to offer service as warm and friendly as it is professional.